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Scooby Doo: WrestleMania Mystery

Headline: The best Scooby Doo Cartoon and WWE Movie ever made.

5/5 Stars

Originally posted December 31, 2014

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Much like everybody else, when I first heard about this crossover I couldn’t believe it either. Scooby Doo and WWE in an animated feature together? I didn’t think it was possible until I saw the trailer on WWE.com. Since then I waited impatiently for the DVD release, and when it finally came out, I ordered and watched it the same day it arrived. To say I enjoyed the film would be an understatement.

The story is about Shaggy and Scooby winning tickets to WrestleMania through a WWE video game, and traveling to WWE City with the rest of the gang. However, they’re soon caught up in a mystery with a legendary ghost bear, which threatens to steal the WWE Championship and ruin WrestleMania. With the help of WWE superstars like John Cena, Sin Cara, AJ Lee and more, the gang hope to put a stop to the evil ghost bear’s rampage and save the show. But who is the ghost bear? And will Shaggy and Scooby have to get into the ring themselves?

As a fan of both WWE and Scooby Doo I had high hopes for this movie. And I wasn’t disappointed. Obviously, WWE City doesn’t really exist and WrestleMania never took place there – plus there are several more inaccuracies, like the WWE Championship supposedly being made of gold and jewels. But as this is a Scooby Doo movie, it’s better to let small details like that slide and admire the story for what it is. The humour is what you’d expect from a Scooby Doo cartoon, and the way the superstars interact with the gang feels almost believable – like this is how things would go if the gang showed up at WrestleMania, or an episode of Raw or Smackdown. The story sticks to the traditional Scooby Doo formula, while giving us many enjoyable cameos from superstars like Triple H, Kane and Michael Cole. There are even some unexpected appearances from legends like Sgt. Slaughter, Jimmy Hart and Jerry “the King” Lawler.

This may not be the first time Scooby Doo has been involved with wrestling – as the bonus episode of ‘A Pup named Scooby Doo’ acknowledges – but ‘WrestleMania Mystery’ is definitely entertaining to watch. I think it was a great idea for WWE Studios and Warner Bros. to make this crossover because it honours both brands and shows us just how popular they are. When wrestling stars appear alongside one of most the famous cartoon characters ever created, and that character appears alongside a wrestling company with its own network, you know it’s going to be big.

I would highly recommended this DVD to any fan of Hanna-Babera, wrestling, Scooby Doo or WWE. It’s as enjoyable for adults as it is for kids, and very deserving of the 5-star rating I’ve given it. Warner Bros. and WWE Studios seem to think so too because they’re already planning to release another WWE/Hanna-Barbera crossover – this time with the Flintstones. Personally, I don’t think it’ll be as believable as ‘WrestleMania Mystery’ because of the historical setting and lesser popularity of the Flintstones. But it should still be good for what it is. Not only that, but there’s even a sequel to this DVD being planned for 2016, with rumours that Hulk Hogan will appear in it!

If you want something that feels like a traditional 80s cartoon, but with a modern day wrestling twist on it, then you should definitely pick up a copy of this DVD. You’ll love it!

With the New Year looming, and Christmas holidays almost over, I was starting to dread my return to University. I knew it would be a long time before I could write another review. So I decided to do one more for 2014.

I chose ‘WrestleMania Mystery’ because it was a movie I felt passionate about, and I wanted to share my enthusiasm with readers. I also thought it would be a good DVD to end on, until I could start reviewing again. Like ‘My Santa’, I managed to complete it within a few hours. But looking back on it, I realise my eagerness did cause several mistakes. Firstly there was the introduction. I spoke about how I discovered and purchased the movie. But I did so in a rushed manner. I even mentioned three different time periods in one sentence: “I waited impatiently for the DVD release, and when it finally came out, I ordered and watched it the same day it arrived.” It would’ve been better to start the review by discussing my history as a Scooby Doo/WWE fan. Then readers could see why I was so excited for the crossover. Also, the first paragraph should’ve been longer, so the build-up would’ve been stronger.

The synopsis was done reasonably well, but felt quite basic. If I’d added in more detail about the plot and characters, it would’ve stood out from something you’d find on the back of a DVD case. There also should’ve been one or two paragraphs focusing on the characters themselves. That way, readers could’ve speculated who they thought the culprit was beforehand, and I could’ve discuss some of the interactions in greater depth (e.g. Cookie and Rubén, Daphne’s crush on John Cena, etc).

The rest of the review suffered more or less the same problem. Because I was rushing to complete it the paragraphs had no structure, the sentences were crammed with too much information and everything felt like one quick fact after another. On top of that, there were numerous spelling mistakes and I seemed to be praising the movie more than analysing it. I’ve shortened the longer sentences and corrected spelling errors in this repost. However, the whole review would do better with a rewrite – especially as the Hulk Hogan and Flintstones references are a bit dated now.

All in all, the review may not be well-written. But it does give a basic summary of the story and expresses my passion for WWE and Hannah-Babera – which was my sole intention. Plus, despite its swiftness, a couple of people did find it helpful. Following this review, I went back to University, where my talents continued to grow. I wouldn’t write another review until May 2015. But when I did come back…I came back big.

(Image courtesy of: http://scoobydoo.wikia.com/wiki/Scooby-Doo!_WrestleMania_Mystery)

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